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  1. Improving Lung and Heart Condition by Developing Breathing Muscles

    Assume proper push-up posture (palms under your shoulders, feet together, back straight)
    Begin with inhale, and slowly bend your elbows while expanding your chest and tilting your head backwards to further expand your chest breathing muscles

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Essential elements to become Leaders are SVA Smile + Voice + Action= SVA

Essential elements to become Leaders are SVA
Smile + Voice + Action= SVA

Taekwondo leader

Smile Energy – This is more than just smiling.  It means keeping a positive attitude even in difficult conditions.  Smile helps to release fear and grow confidence.

Voice Energy – Sound is one of the fundamental energies of the universe.  Having a strong, confident voice when teaching, answering and speaking builds your own confidence and inspires those around you.  A proper healthy sound helps to open one’s mind.

Action Energy – Taking positive action steps to do whatever is needed to help others.  This can be anything, such as standing and running right away to people who need help and taking action right away if you think the action is good to do, or helpful.  More action brings us self-trust.

Written by Ji do ja nim Yoo.  Edited by Master Myung Duk and Susa Carlos Stern


Meaning of Jeol(=bow)

‘Jeol’ is a expression of both ‘저:Jeo(My)’ and ‘얼:Eol(Spirit)’.
A ‘Jeol’, which is expressed from a healthy body and a bright mind, is not only beautiful and noble, but also delivers a communication with mother nature.
Depend on mental states of person, ‘Jeol’ can be expressed whether beautifully or perversely.
When a person ‘Jeol’ on one’s opposite, it is a gesture of respect for human beings.
On the other hand, if a person ‘Jeol’ in front of nobody, this person expresses his or her gratitude to the other human being or mother nature through spiritual connection.
Accordingly, we can persue harmony with the others and mother nature through proper ‘Jeol’ that makes energy filled with respect and gratitude.

Written by Ji do ja nim Yoo
Translated by Hyun soo Chung
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Master Yoo’s Self Defense Techniques

Groin Kick
Groin Kick
No. 1
Useful when opponent is in open stance (feet even). Apply front snap kick using instep of foot, targeting the genitals. Be sure to apply full snap and stay at safe distance by leaning upper body backwards as you perform the kick.

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Proper way of Double Knife-Hand Back Stance

Proper way of Double Knife-Hand Back Stance

  • Empty your thoughts
  • Set your eyes to the horizon
  • Relax facial muscles
  • Loosen your shoulders
  • Drop your elbows
  • Bend your front wrist at a 90 Degree angle
  • Make your rear palm parallel with the ground
  • Relax your chest
  • Feel a gentle pressure on your lower abdomen
  • Straighten your spine and slightly pull your tailbone in
  • Bend both your knees comfortably
  • Equalize your body’s weight between both feet
  • Have your body’s center of gravity drop under the anus
  • Make both your inner thigh and anus make a round shape.
  • Seal both feet on the ground – toes gently grip the floor
  • Pull your heels toward your anus – at that time feel the anus gently tighten and the pressure on the abdomen increase