Taekwondo Rules

Taekwondo is an ancient martial art that has plenty of rules that might appear to be quite overwhelming to white belt beginners. The following is our quick guide for taekwondo’s basic rules for Kup graders who are just getting started.
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Yoo’s Martial Arts students medal at the Hong-Ik Taekwondo Championship in Queens Saturday, March 25!

Congratulations on your Achievement!


Brayden DeNardo
Form 3rd Place
Sparring 2nd place

Max Tramantano
Form 3rd place
Sparring lost

Luca Dominguez
Form 3rd place
Sparring lost








4 Taekwondo Practice Tips

The number one tip for practicing taekwondo is to learn how to be a good student. That might seem like an odd recommendation but it is very important. A lot of people simply do not know how to learn. Learning how to learn is the number one thing that everyone needs to develop in life. It means that you are able to take in information, filter it, and use what truly works for you. It also means that you need to be coach-able and that you know how to listen and take instruction properly.
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Black Belt Test Candidates Information May 2017

How to prepare for the Outdoor Test?
– Backpack running 1.8 mile + middle distance running + short distance running + free style kicking + duck walking etc.
• Start jogging 2 times per week between 1.5-2 miles each time

What is the written report?
• Refer to the Black Belt Test Booklet
• Due on the day of the Outdoor Test, Sunday, 5/7

When to return the Meditation Chart (Black Belts Only)
• The day of the Outdoor Test, Sunday, 5/7

How to prepare for the Sparring Test?
• Participate in Sparring classes
• You must bring your own gear or borrow from someone for the test

Practice Holding Posture at home
• Push-ups-4 minutes, may choose to hold additional time for a higher grade

Attend ALL practice sessions (These are mandatory — DO NOT MISS!)
*Tarrytown location
• Dates are also posted on the bulletin board
– Sat. 4/22 1:00-3:00pm
– Sat. 4/29 1:00-4:00pm
– Sat. 5/6 1:00-4:00pm

Outdoor Test Sunday, 5/7 at 6:30am
• Map with the starting station will be given on Sat. 5/6

Curriculum Guide Test
• Principles, Terminology, etc. for 1st Degree Candidates (Oral Test)
– Bring all belts to the Curriculum Guide Test
• Taekwondo History for 2nd and 3rd Degree Candidates (Written Test)
– Tarrytown: Friday, 5/5 at 7:20pm
– Fair Lawn and New Rochelle locations: To Be Announced

Indoor Test Saturday, 5/13 at 2:00-5:00pm – Tarrytown location
• Wear full uniform (No t-shirts)
• Bring sparring gear and mouth piece

Read Black Belt Test Booklet for details about the test
• What to eat, what to wear, etc.
• How to manage your mind


The Benefits of Tae Kwon Do

When many people think about the martial arts the first thing that they think about is how it can teach a person self-defense skills. Being able to defend oneself against an attack is a very important thing and a very important skill to have. A person’s survival and well-being can count on it. Besides being a great way to learn self-defense skills there are many other reasons why a person might be interested in tae kwon do.

Tae kwon do has many benefits and it isn’t just about fighting and defending yourself. For children, tae kwon do can help them develop self-esteem, discipline and learning how to listen. If you take a look at many tae kwon do classes they instill a lot of values that children truly need to develop. Respect for your elders, learning how to take your time and being patient, learning how to participate with others, helping build others up as well as yourself and many things that children need to know.

Tae kwon do is also a great way to get into good physical shape. Tae kwon do is a wonderful workout and many people benefit from the health benefits that tae kwon do offers. With tae kwon do you learn a lot of different types of punches, kicks and cardiovascular exercise. All of these maneuvers help to develop the body into something that is strong, flexible and that has a ton of endurance.

Tae kwon do is also a martial art where a person is not likely to easily get injured while training it. Tae kwon do instructors know how to teach the various maneuvers in a very safe manner and when it comes to sparring safety equipment is worn and there are restrictions on the type of techniques that can be used. So it is a great way to learn self-defense, get fit, learn a lot of positive values without injuring oneself.

For someone who has children or for even an adult who wants to get off the couch and get into shape it is a very good martial art to learn. It will get you in to shape very fast, it will improve your confidence, you will meet a ton of like-minded people who are trying to achieve the same things for themselves and for their children. It is a great activity to do for the entire family. It teaches practical skills and it helps develop a person in a very good way.