Step up to the Challenge!




  • Total participants: Only 36 Elite Competitors
  • 3 Different Divisions
  • 12 Competitors in Each Division
  • 1st 2nd 3rd  4th Places will be Awarded for Each Division
  • One Grand Champion Out of 36 Elite Competitors
  • Competitors from 3 Locations of Hong Ik Martial Arts


​July 9, 2017

1. Place feet shoulder width apart and look gradually to the end of the horizon
2. Straighten your spine from your tail bone up to your neck, and close your eyes
3. Relax your facial muscles, shoulders, chest and abdominal muscles
4. Slowly rise both hands in front of your belly button, with fingertips touching each other
5. Bring your attention to your fingertips and feel the pulse on each one.

6. Slowly move your palms apart, and then closer (repeating continuously)
7. Stay focused on palm sensations

8. Slowly rotate your palms so that one palms is above the other (without touching)
9. Rise your top palm up to your forehead, and then down again toward the bottom palm, repeat
10. Rotate your palms (palm that was on top is now on the bottom), and repeat #9
11. Stay focused on the magnetic force between the palms.

12. Slowly rise both hands to the side of your head
13. Make circles surrounding your brain
14. Feel the sensations in your brain

15. Slowly bring your palms in front of the upper abdomen area with both palms facing up
16. Feel the weight on your palms

17. Slowly open your eyes, compare your condition before meditation and after


HST Turkey Mountain Hike

July HST was held on a beautiful Sunday morning at Turkey Mountain, near Yorktown Heights, NY.

Approximately 25 participants, including a few parents and Masters, met up at 8am. We climbed up the blue trail at a comfortable pace for approximately 1.5 miles, reaching the top in less than 40 minutes. The peak offered sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline as well as the Croton Reservoir.
After admiring the view and enjoying a refreshing drink, Master Yoo proceeded to guide us through some meditation. We eased into relaxation and deep focus on specific parts of our body, including fingertips for pulse sensation, moving palms together and apart to experience magnetic resistance, heat, warmth, etc. while levelling emotions. We finished with palms surrounding our head and visualizing cleansing all four corners of the brain.
After about 20 minutes of meditation we proceeded back to the bottom following the white trail and reaching the parking lot (0.7 miles). Everyone looked energized and refreshed, and the day was still young as the hike was completed by 10am. We thank all participants and hope you share this experience with your families and friends.
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Sharing a great experience at Martial Arts Boot Camp


  ” Sharing a great experience at Martial Arts Boot Camp”


                                                                            Sunday June 25, 2017      9:00AM – 2:30PM


1. Nun Chuck striking on dummy – it is a great experience to learn how the nun chuck rebounds from object being stricken


2. ¾ quarter mile run – less fatigue and more joyful running from a connection with nature
3. Martial Arts Boot Camp training – overcoming fear from height by deep concentration on blocking. Nobody fell into the 30 feet deep water!!!
4. Nature walking with peers

June HST(HYUNSA and SUSA Training)

“Today’s HST Class was the best class I’ve attended In a long time. My knee injuries are a lot better but not 100% however I am very happy that I made it without much discomfort.

Today’s class was physically very challenging due to the offense and defense drills, the sparring and then the agility drills which really tested me anaerobically. The sit-ups and squats were challenging but it was perfect for me because they were strengthening exercises and flexibility exercises that I specifically need to help my knees heal.

Another reason that I say it was the best class is because of our classroom session about devotion, self-training and pleasure. Our lives constantly balance these three energies and after a little extra thought we can see how devotion, self-training and pleasure guide us in our day to day lives. Too much of one of these may have negative results. What I will remember is to not use devotion and self-training in the name of pleasure. I should remember not to say I’m training or I’m devoted when I know that I’m doing it to receive pleasure in the future… this will not be a proper balance. Each is its own action but I think too much pleasure seeking may lead to the most bad results.

Lastly, we were challenged to test our devotion and clean the streets! If we really believe in a clean environment, would we really go outside and clean? Master Yoo challenged us to do it and it felt very different and a little funny but I learned that is a part of true devotion.

I’m happy I completed all the challenges of today’s class.

-Written By SABUMNIM Ed Beusse”

“From today’s class, there were a few lessons to embrace. The first lesson is the structure of the classes themselves. I’ve noticed over time that the pattern is set in such a way to allow the SUSA a maximum chance to be open to learning. The physical drills and the concentration required for them release good hormones which are circulating in their system by the time we sit for the curriculum or philosophy portion.

The second lesson is from the second portion, which is reinforcing that how we choose to spend our time, and the intent behind those choices is how we reflect our energy outward. These choices also determine whether or not we reinforce our goals, by drawing in enough energy to support them, or whether we simply trod along doing what may be the right thing but not making a lasting impact in helping our community.

Leaning too much or too little on any of the three pools (pleasure, self-training and devotion) leads to imbalance internally, which undercuts our ability to fulfill our goals externally. Too much pleasure can lead to excess and laziness, too much self-training, or for the wrong reason, leads back to pleasure and is a distraction. Even too much devotion, if done for the wrong reasons (attention, admiration, accolades, etc.) can lead back to pleasure and lessen the impact of our actions.

For these reasons (as well as others), it is important to remember that balance (which does not mean everything is done equally, just appropriately) is important in our lives, but so is our intentions.

-Written By HYUNSANIM Drew Vanover”