2017 October Black Belt Test Candidates Information

  1. How to prepare for the Outdoor Test?

Backpack running 1.8 mile + middle distance running + short distance running + free style kicking + duck walking etc.

  • Start jogging 2 times per week between 1.5 – 2 miles each time
  1. What is the written report?
  • Refer to the Black Belt Test Booklet
  • Due on the day of Outdoor Test, Sunday10/8/2017
  1. When to return the meditation chart?
  • Only Black Belt, not a Bodan Red Belt. 10/8/2017
  1. How to prepare for the sparring test?
  • Participate in sparring classes
  • You must bring your own gear or borrow from someone for the test
  1. Practice holding posture at home
  • Push up -4 minutes, may choose to hold additional time for a higher grade
  1. Attend 4 classes of practice sessions (DO NOT MISS)
  • You will be aware of what you need to do and what the flow of the Indoor test will be  
  • Sat 9/30/2017 1 pm – 4 pm at Tarrytown Headquarters
  • Sat 10/7/2017 1 pm – 4 pm at Tarrytown Headquarters
  • 2 more classes will be at your location
  1. Outdoor Test Sunday,10/8/2017 6:30 am
  • Map with starting station will be given on 10/7/2017 after special class
  • We do not wait if you are late
  1. Curriculum guide test
  • Will be at your location
  1. Indoor Test 10/14/2017 2 pm – 5 pm
  • Wear full uniform (No T-shirts)
  • Bring sparring gear and mouth piece
  1. Read Black Belt Test Booklet for details about the test
  • What to eat, what to wear, etc
  • How to manage your mind