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-When: Saturday, January 27th, 2018 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

-Where: Yoo’s Martial Arts, Tarrytown NY 10591

– 5 Schools from 3 states New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Application Deadline: 1/25/2018

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Training for Partner Dummy Kicking


Improve speed and reaction time by cooperating with partner


Method of checking speed and reaction times:

If the dummy leans toward you – opposite from your kicking force — then your speed and reaction time are slower than your partner’s.


Method of improving speed and reaction time:

Speed and reaction time are not only the result of physical conditioning; it is possible to improve through your mindset. It is a similar situation when sparring: your eyes can see when your opponent is about to kick – you must use this split second moment to beat your opponent’s timing by countering with an faster kicking that will beat your partner’s speed, even if your counter-kick started after your opponent’s.

Such reaction time is only possible with an alert and clear mindset.


If the trainee is able to apply this mindset on Partner Dummy Kicking Training, he or she will find improvement in both speed and reaction time, which will translate into better sparring skills.


Written by G. Master Yoo       Edited by HyunSa Carlos Stern and Melanie Zessos


Completion of 21 days self-training to strengthen his physical body in order to achieve high leveled concentration

Adrian has had a tremendous physical improvement since joining Master Kim’s class. Any feedback that has been given to him during his promotion tests, ge takes very serious. This 21 day squat challenge was no different. I know how hard Adrian can work, when he wants. Although the 21 day challenge was for once a day, I had Adrian do the set twice a day. The agreement was that he would have to focus and not get distracted, if he talked or moved he would need to start the set over. Each day we would work on how to improve from the previous day. From keeping his feet from moving, not rushing through the set, keeping his balance, keeping his back straight, and really strengthening his muscles. There were days that he would wake up and do the set, other days he would do one set in the morning one before bed. We also had one night that I was working late, he went to bed without completing his one set. I woke him up at 1030pm for him to do his set. This small assignment has really helped him focus and get himself more centered. Towards the end it became a family activity, we would all have him teach us how to properly squat. Even after the challenge was over, he still continues with squats daily, there are days he skips but o would say at least 5-6 days a week he does it. As well if we are doing homework and he can’t focus, I have him do squats and it helps him reset and focus. Overall amazing experience for Adrian and our family. We are so proud of him and his accomplishments. I know he still has work to do, focus, work on his posture and he needs to stop being so caught up on getting it right the 1st time.

-Completed by Adrian Ajdinovski
-Written by Olgica (mom of Adrian)

Masters Bio

Taekwondo Master Yoo

Grand Master Yoo, JM

  • 7th Degree Blackbelt in Tae Kwon Do
  • 4th Degree Blackbelt in Hapkido
  • 4th Degree Blackbelt in Kum Ye Do (Swordsmanship)
  • 3rd Degree Blackbelt in Judo
  • Graduate of Yong In University, Korea (major in Tae Kwon Do and Physical Education)
  • Korean Tigers Demonstration Team and Self Defense Coach
  • World Tae Kwon Do Championships, Demonstration Coach 1993 Madison Square Garden

Master Kwang Tae Kim

  • 5th degree black belt – Tae Kwon Do.

Master Kim is a graduate of Kei Myung University, South Korea and was a member of their demonstration team. He regularly competes internationally and has won Tournament Champion.


Master Drew Vanover

  • 5th degree black belt – Tae Kwon Do
  • 4th degree black belt – Kum Ye Do

He is a two time Hong-Ik Tournament Champion and New York State Champion. Most recently he earned the 2011 Bronze medal at the US Open. He is a World Tae Kwon Do Federation certified Master with over 15 years teaching experience.


Master Joe Lipman

  • 4th degree black belt – Tae Kwon Do

Master Joe has continued his training at the Yong-In University Sparring Team Training in South Korea. He regularly competes in National and State tournaments and holds a bronze medal in the Yong-In University Presidential Cup.

Master Patrick Malonso

Master Patrick Malonso

  • 5th degree black belt – Taekwondo
  • Master Patrick has continued his training at the Yong-In University Sparring Team training in South Korea. He regularly competes in National and State tournaments and holds a Gold medal in the Yong In University Presidental Cup.

Master Carlos Stern

  • 4th degree black belt – Taekwondo
  • Master Stern is the first qualified Master to Graduate from the elite martial arts leadership SUSA program. He has placed in several state championships in sparring and forms. He has over 10 years teaching experience.